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It starts by providing safe and superior hosting services to our clients. IMG works with the most advanced technologies to ensure fast, reliable, scalable hosting and 24/7 value. When it comes to your website and emails, we provide peace of mind. Having problems with your website or emails? Give us a call and speak directly with an expert, not a call center located in who knows where!

IMG owns, manages, and operates our entire infrastructure for our client’s web servers and phone systems, which gives us the ultimate control over the service we provide. That means you never have to worry about a company ‘renting a server’ from a third party, then waiting for that third party to ‘get back to them’ when it’s convenient.

With unmatched infrastructure and customer service, our enterprise hosting services are superior to any other hosting provider available today. The focus is always on quality, not quantity. We pride ourselves on the services of any corporate powerhouse in the hosting industry while maintaining the fundamentals of a small business. We offer competitive rates, fast response times, and do not oversell our services which allows for faster web page speeds.

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